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A Practical Guide to Solutions Focused Team Development


Small steps for the team...

a giant leap for teamwork

'Insightful in approach, resourceful in ideas, practical in application, this excellent book meets the needs of both the experienced coach and the manager looking for practical steps. '

Shaun Lincoln, Director of Coaching and Mentoring, Centre for Excellence in Leadership, London

Applying the positive power of Solutions Focus to working with teams, Daniel Meier shows you how to:

  • Apply Solutions Focus methods with groups and teams
  • Choose and use the eight steps of the SolutionCircle
  • Become an effective team coach - as a manager or external resource
  • Engage team members in finding useful action steps
  • Use challenges and difficulties in the team to build progress

'You will be amazed how this simple yet profound approach can help you help teams achieve their goals in ways that are not only effective but fun at the same time.'

Ben Furman, author of Solution Talk and inventor of the Reteaming method, Helsinki


'The SolutionCircle is a simple, powerful and practical way of working with teams. In just one half-day coaching session, a Board of Directors achieved a huge amount of visible progress.'

Rob Rave, The Solutions Game, London


'One of the most practical books on team coaching - a goldmine of information and application. It clearly explains Solutions Focus and the SolutionCircle, with relevant and illuminating case studies, numerous instantly applicable tools and comprehensive session plans. I will start incorporating the ideas and techniques into my work immediately.'

Janine Waldman, The Solutions Focus

Daniel Meier is an experienced coach who specialises in working with teams. He is co-founder of SolutionSurfers, an association of professional coaches in his native Switzerland.

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